Chavez is back…or is he?

Chavez’s Return Spurs Doubts, New Speculation

I didn’t think this situation could get any shadier than Chavez being sequestered away in a hospital in Cuba, but I guess I was wrong. Chavez supposedly is back as reported by the Venezuelan government, and there isn’t any specific reason to believe otherwise, but the strange way that the government has handled his “disappearance” from public life is odd to say the least. The government’s actions basically beg people to ask what is being hidden, and lead to some spectacular rumor mongering and speculation, which can only erode society’s trust in the government. Assuming Chavez is alive and in Venezuela, which again there is no reason to believe otherwise at this time, it is hard to imagine a worse way of handling this situation.


3 thoughts on “Chavez is back…or is he?

  1. Michael Mason-D'Croz says:

    Don’t look at the man behind the curtain!

  2. Daniel says:

    If this article in La Razon (, a Bolivian newspaper, is accurate the actions of the Venezuelan government starts to make a lot more sense. If Chavez has been clinically brain dead the past couple months the government would have every incentive to hide this fact from the public in an attempt to ensure their transition into power through subterfuge. The article still seems to be without much supporting evidence and as such may be more rumor mongering than actual reporting. Nevertheless, the longer Chavez stays out of the public eye and the government continues to act in such a secretive way the easier it is to believe in these reports.

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